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Public Managament Practice 3 (PMP301P) is a compulsory module in the third year for the National Diploma in Public Management. It is more popularly known as Work Integrated Learning or Experiential Learning. For the purpose of this subject, we will make use of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) when we refer to aspects relating to Public Management Practice. Often, students do not know what is expected of them and their supervisors in the workplace. This blog will share some ideas, thoughts and will almost be like a "911" if you have any questions or concerns.

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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Background to the UNISA_WIL policy

The UNISA Work Integrated Learning policy (2005b) defines work integrated learning programmes as:
“ 2.1 focuses on the application of theory in authentic, work-based contexts;

2.2 addresses specific competencies identified for the acquisition of a qualification;

2.3 enables the developmental skills that will make the student employable and provides a real context in which the theoretical, practical, interpersonal and reflexive competencies of UNISA’s students are developed in an integrated way;

2.4 is an umbrella term, used at UNISA, to include experiential education/teaching strategies such as clinical training/practice, internship, professional practice, experiential training/leaning, supervised learning/practice and work-based learning.”

The focus of the policy is to create a framework for effective work integrated learning practices within UNISA, such as work preparedness and life skills where work integrated learning forms part of the curriculum as is the case in the National Diploma in Public Management. The Work Integrated Learning policy also makes provision for implementation procedures such as placement opportunities, liability insurance, mentoring and learning contracting, monitoring and assessment of work integrated learning as well as record keeping. A section in the policy focus on the rationale and costing implications. On average, in my department 280 students need to undergo the Public Management Practice module each semester. Three out of ten students are unemployed and the department assists them in finding suitable placements.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Dr Thomas Groenewald posted "Learning swings like a subjective-door in its work-frame" on his blog (Learning in vivo) reflecting on the work of Billet. When I reflect on learning and what I think learning entials, I think of learning as the "Road to El dorado". A place where we all would like to be (and want to reach) and the road towards El dorado personifies that you would like to go for the gold, but stay on the road for the adventure. That is why there will be turbulations on the road! Learning is thus an adventure.
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