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Public Managament Practice 3 (PMP301P) is a compulsory module in the third year for the National Diploma in Public Management. It is more popularly known as Work Integrated Learning or Experiential Learning. For the purpose of this subject, we will make use of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) when we refer to aspects relating to Public Management Practice. Often, students do not know what is expected of them and their supervisors in the workplace. This blog will share some ideas, thoughts and will almost be like a "911" if you have any questions or concerns.

I am looking forward to take this journey with you!

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Monday, 1 September 2008

It is Spring!

Dear all

Just to wish all of you a wonderful spring day. I know that it is still cold, but this is now the ideal time for renewal and reflection. In terms of our module, now is the time to reflect on what you are learning-can you link the theory to the practice? Are you able to understand the importance of what you are doing? And, are you excited about your future career in government?

So where do you start?

Learners will be required to serve a three month period in government at any of the three spheres of government, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) or at a Community Based Organisation (CBO).

Learners who are currently employed in government will have the following options:

a) Serve the 3 months period in his/her current section or move to another section with the permission of the employer. These learners must, however, still submit the compulsory assignment, a logbook as well as a portfolio.


b) Apply for Recognition of Previous Work Experience (RPWE). This means that these learners that have worked in government for 3 years and more and feel that they are competent in functioning effectively in government may be excluded from serving the required three months period. However, such learners must provide a portfolio of evidence proving their competence.

If you are of the opinion that you fall in the above category, you must fax, post or e-mail me a letter applying for “Recognition of Previous Work Experience”.

In the letter please ensure that you have the following details:

· Your postal address and telephone number/s
· Your correct name i.e. Mr/Miss/Mrs/Ms GN Ntutela and your learner number
· Date of application
· Registration period that you fall under e.g. First registration - 2009
· Date that you commenced employment in the public service
· The different sections/departments that you have worked in
· Your current department/section
· The duties that you performed previously and presently.

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